Welcome to Bear Creek Farms

Apple Orchard, Apiary, and Farm Store

Nestled on a beautiful ridge overlooking Bear Creek, we are located 10 minutes north of Branson, Missouri, in the rustic Ozark Mountains.

Step back in time and indulge in a sweet taste of history on the farm. We offer creamy apple butter and fresh apple sauce handcrafted in copper kettles over an open fire. Fruit picking will tantalize your tastebuds as you pick from our choicest seasonal crops of fresh apples, peaches, grapes and pumpkins. Visit our beehives and learn about the tremendous importance of honey bees by viewing our observation hive and guided bee classroom.

Bear Creek Farms’ mission is to preserve the history and values of a time gone by. It’s a way when life seemed slower, when folks were connected to the land that sustained them, when families worked and stayed together. We live these values, and look forward to sharing them with you!

Come. Visit us on the farm. Relax into the serenity of these mountains and reconnect with yourself and your family. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Bear Creek Farms

  1. Mona M says:

    We would like to attend the May 22nd dinner in the barn. My fiance cannot eat pork so if chicken or beef is on the menu we are in. Please let me know if you have room for us. Thank you Mona Menezes


    • snpadgett says:

      Hello, Mona!

      We would be happy to accommodate your fiance’s dietary needs. Please give us a call at 417-501-5244 to discuss how we can best serve you. Thanks!


  2. Carol Miller says:

    Mary and John, how we all enjoyed our lunch on July 7 at the barn! Your restaurant and store are both a delight. The quiche was the best I’ve ever had! You really outdid yourselves that day! Thank you for all that you did. I am looking forward to trying the Sweet Salsa and your apple butter! We will definitely return! Blessings!

    Carol Miller


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