Bees, Honey & Other Wild Things

Bees & Honey

Oh, sweetness! Our honey is local and raw, bottled straight from the hive.  Our bees spend their time pollinating our apple and peach trees. Unlike store bought honey, ours has a light, refreshing flavor of apple blossoms, lavender, and herbs.


We sell our honey in half-pints, pints, quarts, and gallons (when available). Feel free to call us to reserve some honey for you and yours, as our honey sells out fast!

Half-Pint $5.00

Pint $9.00

Quart $17.00

Gallons, please call for current price



What’s cuter than an alpaca? Not much we can think of! These camelids reign supreme in South America, where their fiber (not wool!) is prized for being lightweight, yet extremely warm and durable. If you stop by the farm, make sure you touch our fiber samples so you can see for yourself just how soft the fiber is compared to wool or cotton. These creatures are gentle and shy, yet possess curious personalities; our herd of three loves treats, so if you hold your hand out with a little snack you’ll get a sweet and snuggly kiss on the hand.

Every spring each of our herd is sheared, giving them an otherworldly appearance (see below). The fiber then slowly grows back so that in the winter months the animals stay warm and toasty in the barn.

We have three alpaca males: Cruiser (the youngest), Hershey Kiss, and Three Musketeer.